Zagros War
Part of the Second Cold War
Date March 2033 - April 2040
(7 years, 1 month, 29 days)
Location Iran
Causes - Iranian Collapse
Result - Eurasian occupation of Southern Azerbaijan and Golestan

- Further integration of Iran into the UMR

Iranian Loyalists

IRGC-Seal Iranian Revolutionary Guard
IranArmy-Seal Iranian Army Remnants
INF-Flag Iranian National Front

UN-FlagOld International volunteers

Occupation Forces

UER-Flag Eurasian Union
Turkey-Flag Turkey (until 2036)

UMR-Flag Union of Mashriq Republics
Supported by:
USA-Flag88 United States
EU-NormalFlag European Union

UN-FlagOld International volunteers

Casualties and losses
76,000 dead

45,000 wounded or captured

Total: 121,000

Eurasian Forces

2,300 dead
12,400 wounded or captured

Total: 14,700

Mashriq Forces
3,400 dead
10,200 wounded or captured

Total: 13,600

The Zagros War was a series a conflicts which centered on the eastern and south portions of the former Islamic Republic of Iran during the last years of the Iranian Collapse and for several years afterward.
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