The United African Republic is a major nation in Africa and the first Great Unifier to appear on Terra.


in 1884 and 1885 CE, The Berlin Conferences happen and the European powers move through Africa, colonizing as they please. In 1947,in the aftermath of World War 2, groups of rebellious, militant Africans and some European colonists fight against their European overlords all over the Africa for their own rule of their home continent, this war became known as the “African Separatist Wars.” The Africans finally won over the Europeans after pushing them north towards the Mediterranean. The Europeans oddly respected their fight and did not attack the Africans back.

The newly-formed nation was first known as “Free Africa” to the world, and many people wondered if the new nation would attack others or begin to take a turn for the worse. After months of leaders of various tribes and societies trying to organize the peoples of Africa, they became known as the United African Republic.

The UAR is a representative democracy, like the United States of America, where people elect representatives from their state to go to the Capital and work as political leaders for the country. The UAR's provinces do not have their own government systems nor actual “capitals” but in fact large, influential cities named as capitals of the region/province.

United African Republic Flag

Flag of the United African Republic.

The UARs culture is very rich, combining local African cultures, European cultures, and some Islamic cultures in the provinces of Sahara and Nile. The UARs economy also booms after gaining independence from Europe and trading with its European parents, the United Arabian Federation, Asian Alliance, and the United States and continues to boom to this day. The UAR also collaborates very closely with the Terra Pact to aid in solving worldwide problems.

The UAR is also very technologically advanced, they end up selling their advances to other countries. Viruses like Ebola were quickly eradicated by vaccines that were in-part created by the UAR. In the present day, the United African Republic is a world superpower with a booming economy. With a population of 2.9 billion, it rises to be the one of the most populated countries in the world. It continues to help its worldwide neighbors and keeps worldwide peace.

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