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The Terra Pact is an international organization created in order to promote international cooperation and peace. The Terra Pact was formed July 18th, 2065 as a reformed version of the United Nations, which was failing in the new world of the Great Unifiers. The Capital of the Terra Pact is in New York City, and experiences extraterritoriality. Further offices are located in Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, Delhi, Sydney, Rio De Janiero, Jeddah, Warsaw, Addis Ababa, and Cape Town.



By the mid 21st century, the United Nations was in a crippled state, with the old charters and treaties not being able to optimize to the ways of a world with only eight nations. On July 18th, 2065, the United Nations was officially dissolved and the Terra Pact was created with the Second Treaty of Versailles.

Main Branches

Terra Council

The Terra Council is the main legislative body of the Terra Pact. It's main goal is to be able to fulfill the goals of the Terra Pact in a peaceful and diplomatic setting. The goals of the Terra Pact are listed here:

  • Ensuring a successful future for humanity.
  • Maintaining worldwide peace and security between the unifiers.
  • Maintaining cooperation between nations in order to solve economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian international problems.
  • Providing an open forum for bringing countries together to meet the purposes and goals of the Terra Pact.

Terran Defense Force

The Terran Defense Force (TDF), which was derived from the United Nations Security Council, is the armed branch of the Terra Pact. Its purpose include the maintaining of international security and peace while also given countries with high tension the ability to diplomatically settle their differences.

United Nations Space Administration

The United Nations Space Administration is one of the few branches of the Terra Pact that has survived relatively unharmed from being brought over from the United Nations. The UNSA is the branch of the Terra Pact that deals with all Space Operations, mostly on Luna and Mars. As of 2080, the UNSA is continuing exploration of Ceres and the Asteroid Belt and is starting the exploration of the Jupiter System. The United Nations Space Administration is also pouring funding and resources into the Terraforming of Mars, which is expected to be done in the mid 22nd century.

International Trade Commission

The International Trade Commission (ITC) manages the many prominent shipping canals around Terra, most notably the Suez, Panama and Kiel Canals. The ITC also manages commerce between Terra and the other colonized bodies of the solar system.

Antarctic Commission

The Antarctic Commission is the main body of the Terra Pact meant for the preservation and exploration of Antartica.

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