Second Cold War

Map of Second Cold War alliances, 2026
Date 2022-2048 (26 years)
Location Earth
Causes - 2022 Eurasian elections
- Second Chinese Civil War
- Rise of New Nationalism
- 21st Century Upheaval
Result - Creation of the Eurasian Association
- Federalization of the European Union and AEDU
- Second Space Age
- Beginning of the Stabilization Era
USA-Flag88 United States of America

Supported by:
CSR-Flag Chinese Second Republic
EU-NormalFlag European Union
Japan-Flag Japan
Korea-Flag Korea
OR-Flag Oceanic Republic
UMR-Flag Union of Mashriq Republics

Antilles Confederation (2033)
Belize (2030)
Canada (2025)
El Salvador (2035)
Honduras (2035)
Israel-Palestine (2054)
Jamaica (2028)
Pakistan (2044)
Philippines (2046)
Thailand (2046)

UER-Flag Union of Eurasian Republics

Supported by:
Bharat-Flag Bharat

Afghanistan (2039)
Cuba (2032)
Indonesia (2043)
Iran (2035)
Turkestan (2027)
Turkey (2036)


The Second Cold War, sometimes called the Little Cold War or 2CW, was a period of geopolitical and ideological tension between the United States of America and the Union of Eurasian Republics along with their respective allies and blocs, in the early and mid 21st century. The widely-accepted timeframe of the conflict is between the 2022 State of the Union address in the United States and 2048 with the Eurasian Revolution and Algiers Summit. Much like the First Cold War, between 1947 and 1991, the Second Cold War did not have large-scale fighting between the two superpowers, but numerous proxy-wars were seen, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The Second Cold War also saw the Second Space Age, with both sides vying for dominance in the colonization of Luna and in Earth orbit & cislunar space.


End of the First Cold War

A Changing World




Latin America


The Upheaval

2022 Eurasian Election



Rise of 'New Nationalism'

2022 State of the Union & Panamericanism

Rise of USAN

Collapse of Iran

European Union

Upheaval in Eurasia

Revolution of 2047, the Eurasian Association, and the Algiers Summit

Second Space Age

Development of Earth Orbit

Asteroid Mining

Colonization of Luna

Martian colonization


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