The Second Cold War, sometimes called the Little Cold War, was a period of geopolitical and ideological tension between the United States of America and the Russian Republic (which later became the Eurasian Union), along with their respective allies and blocs, in the early and mid 21st century. The widely-accepted timeframe of the conflict is between 2024 at the end of a heavily contested election in the Russian Republic, and 2041 with the Eurasian Revolution. Much like the First Cold War, between 1947 and 1991, the Second Cold War did not have large-scale fighting between the two superpowers, but numerous proxy-wars were seen, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The Second Cold War also saw the Second Space Age, with both sides vying for dominance in Asteroid mining and the colonization of Luna.


End of the First Cold War

The First Cold War ended officially on December 26th, 1991, when the Baku Declaration officially dissolving the Soviet Union. The United States officially recognized the independence of the Russian Republic less than 12 hours after it's formation on December 15th, and officially recognized the dissolution of the Soviet Union after the Baku Declaration on December 27th. The United States also was quick to recognize the independence of the other post-Soviet nations, especially those in Eastern Europe, such as the Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. The United States also established relations with the Siberian Confederacy, hoping to gain access to oil drilling sites in the Sea of Okhotsk for private companies.

During the late 1990s and 2000s, relations between the United States and Russian Republic (which was recognized as the successor state to the USSR by the United Nations) were relatively stable, with the first Russian visit to the United States in 1992 and the first visit to Russia by the American President John Glenn taking place in 1993.

China, Turkey, Iran, and Latin America

Russian Election of 2024


Rise of 'New Nationalism'

2025 State of the Union & American Expansion

Rise of South America

Collapse of Iran & the Iranian Civil War

Fall of Australia & Rise of Oceania

Eurasian Union

Upheaval in Eurasia

Revolution of 2041, the Eurasian Association, and the Algiers Summit

Second Space Age

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