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This page depicts the official timeline of the Future of Humanity. This timeline splits from our own on January 30th, 1947 CE and begins the Age of Unification (1947-2050 CE.) All events before this time are the same as in our own timeline.


Age of Unification (1947-2050)

Year Event
1947 January 30th, 1947. Point of divergence from the real world.
1947 Beginning of the African Separatist Wars. The colonies of Africa unite and revolt in an American Revolution type style in an attempt to gain independence as a sovereign nation.
1947 End of the African Separatist Wars. The United African Republic is formed with the capital in Pretoria, CD.
1947 Liberia and Ethiopia join the United African Republic.
1949 Formation of the European Community between France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Luxembourg, and Italy.
1950 End of the First Chinese Civil War. The People's Republic of China take control of mainland china and the Republic of China go to exile in Taiwan.
1950 The First Korean War starts.
1950 All European countries with overseas territories sign the Treaty of London. The Treaty of London states that all overseas territories shall be given independence or given to a country of the territories' choosing.
1953 The Korean War ends with the same outcome as in our timeline.
1960 All colonies and overseas territories and given up by European Empires. France keeps Guiana because a referendum to become an official state of France passes with 76% favor.
1969 The Apollo 11 mission succeeds and the United States lands the first humans on Luna.
1977 Death of Francisco Franco, beginning of the Second Spanish Civil War between Francoist forces and Democratic Rebels. the Rebels get funding from the United States and European Community.
1982 The Second Spanish Civil War ends with a democratic victory. The United Kingdom of Spain is formed.
1991 Germany, the United Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Portugal join the European Community.
1991 The Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact are disbanded with all republics becoming independent.
1992 Yugoslavia undergoes a revolution, becomes democratic, and forms the United Balkan States with the capital in Belgrade, BL.
1993 The European Union is founded with the Capital in Brussels, Belgium. All nations of the European Community join along with Denmark, Austria, and Greece.
1995 Beginning of the European Union expansion period, many notable nations in the Balkans and Northern Europe join the European Union.
2000 Albania, Greece, and Bulgaria join the United Balkan States.
2000 The United States, Japan, China, and the Republic of Greater Russia create the North Pacific Cooperation Association.
2001 The September 11th Attacks. The United States, European Union, and Republic of Greater Russia start the War on Terror against Terrorist groups in the Middle East.
2011 Start of the Second Chinese Civil War. Democratic rebels are secretly funded by the United States and European Union.
2011 In part of the War on Terror, Turkey annexes Syria and Lebanon. They also become the Neo-Ottoman Empire with the Capital in Istanbul.
2011 Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia form the Federation of the Caucasus, with the capital in Baku, BCD.
2012 Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia unite into the Baltic States with the capital in Riga. They remain in the EU.
2013 The Second Chinese Civil War ends in a Democratic Victory. Mongolia and Taiwan join the Republic of China.
2013 Tibet gains peaceful independence from the Republic of China.
2014 The Indian Protection Front is formed between Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.
2014 The Indian Protection Front declares war on India after a border scuffle at the Indian-Bangladeshi Border, this starts the Indian Wars.
2014 Germany and Austria unite into the Federal Republic of Greater Germany.
2015 The Second Korean War starts after the DMZ is bombed and many South Korean and American soldiers are killed.
2015 The Arabian Nuclear Crisis. Terrorists in Southern Iran gain hold of two nuclear missiles and target them at Brussels and Washington, DC. The United States destroys the American-bound missile while the Republic of Greater Russia shoots down the Brussels-bound missile. The United States then drops a nuclear bomb on the Terrorist's Capital in Southern Iran.
2016 End of the Indian Wars. India annexes all of its opponents except Pakistan, whom the only take Kashmir from. They then go on to become the Greater Indian Union.
2016 End of the Second Korean War. Korea is reunited under a democratic government.
2017 Formation of the United Arabian Federation by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Jordan, and Kuwait with its capital in Dubai, DD.
2017 The nations of ASEAN unite into Greater Siam with the capital in Bangkok. Indonesia leaves in protest of this.
2018 End of the War on Terror with all major terrorist groups wiped out. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, and Palestine are forced to join the UAF.
2018 First Manned Mars Landing by the newly formed United Nations Space Administration, headed by the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Republic of China, and France.
2020 Start of the Second Russian Civil War. Many Russians want former president Vladimir Putin as Tsar of the Second Russian Empire.
2020 Greenland gains independence from Denmark, but immediately joins Canada.
2020 Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway unite to form the Federation of Scandinavia with the capital in Stockholm. they remain part of the EU.
2020 Global Warming Crisis. Sea Levels rise all over the world, drowning Socotra, the Maldives, Seychelles, Bahrain, Ha Long, and Ryukyu are flooded and taken under water.
2020 Start of Lunar Colonization by the United Nations Space Administration.
2021 End of the Second Russian Civil War. Vladimir Putin is installed as the first tsar of the Second Russian Empire.
2021 Many former Soviet nations in central Asia join the Second Russian Empire. The capital remains in Moscow, Russia.
2021 The Second Russian Empire changes its name to the New Soviet Union (NSU) though it is not communist, but a Tsardom.
2022 The Second Red Scare. Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania all join the European Union, while Moldova joins Romania.
2023 A Coup in the Neo-Ottoman Empire succeeds, the Neo-Ottoman Empire releases Syria and Lebanon into the United Arabian Federation and join the New Soviet Union.
2023 The European Cession Wars. Parts of Bulgaria, Romania, and Southern Ukraine around the Black Sea join the New Soviet Union.
2023 The Federation of the Caucasus joins the New Soviet Union.
2024 The Second Mexican-American War. The United States annexes everything north of Mexico City.
2025 The United States and Canada unite. The capital remains Washington, DC.
2026 Due to a large economic depression, many Caribbean countries join the United States.
2026 Miami Attacks. Large, Cuban-sponsored terrorist attacks occur across Florida is protest of the US annexation of Caribbean nations.
2026 The United States of America declares war on Cuba. Beginning of the Bay of Pigs War.
2026 Seeing the rising power of the United States in the north, South America unites into the South American Federation with the capital in Rio De Janiero, DC
2027 The European Council begins talks about a United Europe.
2027 New Zealand joins Australia.
2027 End of the Bay of Pigs War with the signing of the Treaty of Miami.
2028 Australian Civil War. Many Australians want former Prime Minister Alastair Turnbull as King of Oceania.
2029 Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras join the United States of America, while Nicaragua, Costa Rice, and Panama join the South American Federation.
2030 Australian Civil War ends with former Prime Minister Alastair Turnbull as king of the newly founded Oceanic Sovereignty.
2030 Oceanic Wars. Australia declares an imperialist war on Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and many other oceanic nations.
2030 Democratic China, Tibet, the Greater Indian Union, Greater Siam, Korea, and Japan create the Greater Asian Economic and Defense Union (called the Asian Alliance.)
2035 Oceanic Wars end with the Oceanic Sovereignty annexing all of its opponents. The capital moves to Sydney, Australia.
2036 In part of a short economic depression in Eurasia, the New Soviet Union sells Sakhalin to Japan, Kaliningrad to Poland, and the United Arabian Federation sells some coast on the Red Sea to the UAR.
2037 Treaty of Sumatra. The Asian Alliance gains all of Sumatra and the rest of Borneo's northern coastline from the Oceanic Sovereignty.
2039 The Asian Alliance unites with the capital in Beijing, China.
2040 The European Council ramps up talks on uniting the European Union.
2047 The European Union unites with its capital in Brussels, Belgium.
2047 Switzerland joins the European Union.
2048 St. Petersburg Deal. The New Soviet Union cedes lots of land between the Northeast of Belarus and south of Finland along with the Kola Peninsula, but keeps the City of St. Petersburg as an enclave and regains Kaliningrad.
2050 The Colonization and Terraforming of Mars is started by the UNSA after the population of the Moon reaches one billion.

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