This page is meant to serve as the main Timeline of past, present, and sometimes future events in the Future of Humanity Universe.

20th Century (1900-1999)

1939-1945 World War II: The Second World War lasts 6 years between the Axis and the Allies. The war officially ends on September 6th, 1945 after the atomic bombings on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Kokura, Japan.
1945 Beginning of the First Cold War: Pretty much right after the end of the Second World War, the First Cold War begins between the United States and the Soviet Union.
1946 United Nations: The United Nations is formed after a meeting of 50 governments in San Francisco. Over time, more and more nations join the United Nations.
1946 Sale of Greenland: The United States purchases Greenland from Denmark for $175 million. Greenland becomes a state in 2032.
1947-1950 African Revolution: Red Saturday causes the start of wide-scale revolt in the European colonies of Africa. The war lasts 3 years and ends with the independence of the United African Republic.
1950-1953 First Korean War: The First Korean War happens between the DPRK and ROK. The outcome is the same as in our timeline.
1951 European Community: The European Community is founded between France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Italy. The European Community eventually expands to include most of Western Europe.
1952-1982 Treaty of London: facing economic ruin and military strain in their remaining colonies, multiple European colonial empires sign the Treaty of London. In short, the Treaty of London promises either independence or full integration of all remaining colonies by 1982.
1955-1975 Vietnam War: The Vietnam War happens with the same outcome as our timeline.
1957-1975 Space Race: The launch of Sputnik-1 by the Soviet Union causes the start of the Space Race between NASA and Roscosmos. The Space Race includes multiple achievements, including the first man in space, the first space station, and the first Moon landing. The Space Race ends with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.
1959 US in the Caribbean: In an effort to contain the growing power of the Communist in Cuba, the United States purchases the Bahamas, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands from the United Kingdom.
1969 First Lunar Landing: Apollo-11 lands on the surface of Luna. It is followed by 9 more Apollo missions.
1971-1978 Second Spanish Civil War: The assassination of Francisco Franco causes the start of a three-way civil war between the Spanish Socialist Republic, The Kingdom of Spain, and the remnants of the Spanish State. The United States and European Community begin intervention in mid-1972after the Soviet Union begins assisting SSR forces. The Civil War ends in mid-1978 with a victory for KoS forces.
1990 German Reunification: The Federal Republic of Germany absorbs East Germany on October 3rd, 1990. This is usually seen as one of the main causes for the eventually collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact.
1990-1993 Yugoslavian Revolution: The Yugoslavian Republican Front rises up in late-1990 against the SFR Yugoslavia. The United States and European Community support the YRF for the duration of the revolution. The revolution ends in early-1993 and the United Balkan States is formed.
1991 End of the First Cold War: The Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact collapse in late-1991, ending the First Cold War.
1993 European Union: The European Union is founded in mid-1993 between the members of the European Community. The European Union will eventually grow to include most of Europe.
1994 International Space Station: The Zarya module is launched in late-1994, beginning construction of the International Space Station. More modules will be added between 1995 and 2025.

21st Century (2000-2099)


2000 NPCA: The Northern Pacific Cooperation Association is formed between the United States, Canada, the Siberian Confederacy, and Japan.
2001 September 11th, 2001: Two planes strike the World Trade Center in New York City and one strikes the Pentagon in Washington, DC. over 3000 die and the day is seen as one of the worst terrorist attacks of the 21st century, as well as one of the most influential moments.
2001-2017 War on Terror: The War on Terror happens between the United States, European Union, and Russian Republic against multiple large terrorist organizations across the globe. The War on Terror is usually seen to end in 2017 with the formation of the Union of Arab Republics.
2004 Second Chinese Civil War: The Second Chinese Civil War begins between the People's Republic of China and various Republican and Separatist groups. The Civil War ends in mid-2013 with the formation of the Chinese Second Republic and the independence of the State of Tibet.
2006 Baltic Union: The Baltic Union is formed between Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.
2008 Caucasus Federation: The Caucasus Federation is formed between Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.
2009 South Asian Protection Front: In response to the growing militarism of India, the Dhaka Treaty between Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Assam establishes the South Asian Protection Front.


2011 The Turkish State: A group of military generals and bureaucrats declare the president of the Republic of Turkey a lifelong position. This, combined with a resurgence in religious fundamentalism in Turkey and a trend of cold-shouldering American and European diplomats, is seen as the formation of the Turkish State.
2014-2016 Indian Wars: The South Asian Protection Front declares war India. The Indian War lasts two years and ends with the Indian annexation of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and the region of Kashmir. The Bharat Republic is declared.
2015 June 26th, 2015: Simultaneous terror attacks occur in several large cities in Europe, including Paris, Munich, Krakow, Vienna, and London. The attacks are quickly claimed by a organization based in Saudi Arabia, and after a diplomatic crisis with the Saudi government, the heart of the organization is destroyed, though not after the detonation of a small nuclear bomb, killing 2.5 thousand and injuring nearly 14,000.
2015-2016 Second Korean War: During the chaos of the 6/26 Attacks, North Korea sends troops over the DMZ and invades South Korea. American, Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese troops all invade North Korea and the country is dissolved, the Republic of Korea is declared as the official and only government of the peninsula.
2017 Southeast Asian Confederation: Seeing the growth of the Chinese Second Republic in the north and Bharat in the west, the nations of ASEAN officially unite into the Southeast Asian Confederation. The Republic of Indonesia, in protest of this, leaves ASEAN and cuts all diplomatic ties with the SEAC.
2017 Union of Arab Republics: The Union of Arab Republics is formed between Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. It quickly expands to include former Saudi Arabia and Yemen within two years, and gradually expands to include most of the Middle East.
2017 End of the Siberian Confederacy: The short-lived Siberian Confederacy, riddled with economic shortcomings and political instability, accepts integration into the Russian Republic.
2018 United Nations Space Administration: The UNSA is formed between a merger of NASA, Roscosmos, and the ESA.
2019 First Manned Martian Landing: Ares-1 lands at Candor Chasma on Mars in January 2019. It is followed by 9 more Ares missions between 2020 and 2036.
2019-2023 21st Century Climate Change Crisis: Between 2019 and 2031, multiple large parts of the Greenland ice sheet, Antarctica, and Barnes Ice Cap break off and enter the ocean, with the largest piece being about 300km long. This caused sea level rise all over the world, with large swathes of Asia, the Americas, and some of Europe to be flooded. The following migration is seen as the largest humanitarian crisis of all time.
2019 Luna Accords: On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, the UNSA and top scientists, engineers, and statesmen from all spacefaring nations on Earth met in Houston, Texas and officially authorized the civilian colonization of the Moon. Within the next decade thousands would flock to the surface of the Moon and Commonwealths would be established.


2020 World Trade Commission: The Panama and Suez Canals are turned over to the WTC at the stroke of midnight (UTC) on January 1st. The canals were previously owned by the United States and United African Republic.
2020 End of the Commonwealth: Following the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II in March and the death of King Philip in October, the Commonwealth of Nations dissolves when Canada, Australia, and New Zealand all declare republics.
2021 Scandinavian Confederation: The European nations of Sweden and Norway unite into the Scandinavian Confederation. They remain in the European Union.
2021 The AEDU: The Asian Economic and Defense Union is formed between the Chinese Second Republic, Japan, and the Republic of Korea. More and more nations will eventually join and the AEDU will grow closer and closer together.
2022 Union of Turkestan: The former-soviet republics of Central Asia officially unite into the Union of Turkestan, and quickly fall under Russian influence.
2022 10302-Roosevelt: The United States tows 10302-Roosevelt into the Earth-Moon L1 point, the first country to do so. 10302-Roosevelt is only the first of over 150 asteroids to be towed into either Earth-Moon Lagrangian points or Lunar Orbit during the 21st century.
2023 International Ministry of Sciences: The International Ministry of Science is created by the United Nations and UNSA. Headed by some of the world's best scientists and engineers, the organization is dedicated to the advancement of science in all fields, though primarily focuses on physics, biology, and space exploration technologies.
2023 World Climate Change Summit: Representatives from every nation on Earth meet in Paris to discuss worldwide legislation related to climate change. The Treaty of Paris is signed later that year, requiring every country on earth to go carbon-neutral or carbon-negative by 2043.
2023-2025 Mexico in Anarchy: Mexico almost completely collapses after numerous drug cartels take power all over the country. The United States offers help in exchange for the transfer of Baja California. Mexico accepts, and American troops move into the north of Mexico. Under suspicion of developing nuclear weapons, the United States occupies part of the northern Mexico, eventually gaining the states of Sonora and Rio Grande.
2024-2025 Second Russian Civil War: The 2024 Russian Election ends in a landslide victory for Vladimir Putin and the Russian League, despite both national and international accusations of an unfair election. The country is thrown into chaos for 19 months, ending with near-total military and government control of the country.
2024-2041 Second Cold War: The Second Cold War begins between the Eurasian Union on one side and the United States and European Union on the other. The SCW influences many events in the mid-21st century.
2025 Eurasian Commonwealth: The Eurasian Commonwealth is founded between the Russian Republic, the Turkish State, the Caucasian Federation, and the Union of Turkestan.
2025 Canada joins the United States: Spurred on by the collapse of the Commonwealth and the growing power of the Canadian Union Party, Canada votes to join the United States by 52%, adding 11 new states to the Union.
2026-2032 Central American Economic Depression: The growing use of automation in the shipping and agriculture industries caused thousands of layoffs in the Caribbean and Central America.
2026 The Union of South American Nations: To combat the growing power of the United States over the rest of the landmass, the nations of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru together into the new Union of South American Nations (USAN). More countries would join between 2028 and 2036.
2026 Reyes Proposition: In a shocking move, the president of the United States, Tyler Reyes, gives the countries stricken by the Central American Economic Depression an offer during the 2026 State of the Union. The Reyes Proposition said that any struggling country willing to join the United States as a territory and later a full state would receive major funding and federal support for the duration of the CAED and for 20 years afterword.
2026-2028 First Manned Phobos and Deimos Landings: In 2026, Eris-1 touches down on Phobos as part of the Ares-4 mission, and in 2028 Eris-2 touches down on Deimos as part of the Ares-5 mission.
2026-2028 The Caribbean joins the United States: Many nations in the Caribbean, the region hurt most from the Central American Economic Depression, take up the United States on the Reyes Proposition. The United Republic of Hispaniola, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Antilles Federation join the United States.
2027 New Zealand joins Australia: A referendum in 2027 causes the Republic of New Zealand to join Australia.
2027-2035 Iranian Collapse: The Islamic Republic of Iran collapses after the assassination of Supreme Leader Raisi, causing the uprising of many anti-government groups. The former country quickly becomes a proxy war between the Union of Arab Republics and Russian Sphere.
2028 Miami Attacks: As an act of protest against what was seen as the 'unlawful and imperialist' annexation of the Caribbean, the Socialist Republic of Cuba sponsors multiple terrorist attacks and uprisings by the Cuban population in and around the city of Miami, Florida. For about a week, the city is thrown into chaos. 80 are killed and almost 3500 are injured.
2028-2039 Lunar Commonwealths: Between 2028 and 2039, the eight Lunar Commonwealths are formed.
2028-2029 Cuban-American War: Following the Miami Attacks, the United States immediately declares war on Cuba. The Cuban-American War lasts roughly a year and ends with the assassination of Premier Alejandro Castro and the annexation of the island by the United States.
2028-2030 Australian Civil War: In early-2028, botched elections in the Republic of Australia that heavily favored the authoritarian "Forever Oceania" Party caused massive tensions across the country. A series of clashes between protestors and counter-protesters in many major cities sent the country into civil war. The civil war would be won by the government, who gradually turned Australia into a militaristic state closely aligned with the Eurasian Commonwealth.


2030 Oceanic State: On the first day of the 2030s, the Kingdom of Australia announces the creation of the Oceanic State and announces claims to the South Pacific and Indonesia.
2030-2035 Oceanic Wars: Following the creation of the Oceanic State, the OS declares war on Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and a swath of island nations in the Pacific Ocean. The Oceanic Wars end in 2035 following an OS victory.
2031-2034 Central America joins the United States: A group of 5 Central American nations announce their plans to join the United States after taking up the Reyes Proposition. Between 2031 and 2034, 9 more states are added to The Union.
2032 Tharsistown: In October of 2032, the crew of Ares-8 establish Tharsistown in a lavatube near Arsia Mons on Mars. The base would be the first site of permanent human presence on the planet and would serve as one of the primary bases on the planet until it was discontinued in 2080 and declared a world heritage site in 2093.
2033 Recovery of the International Space Station: In early-2033, The Zarya and Unity modules of the International Space Station are recovered by an Atlas 6 spacecraft and brought back to Earth. All of the modules are then reassembled and put on display at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.
2033 Collapse of the Turkish State: In 2023, with growing international sanctions and political condemnation for their actions in the Occupied Levant, the Turkish State collapsed with the assassination of the Sultan and his son. The country fell apart into multiple quarrelling states, with those in the Levant being absorbed or joining into the Union of Arab Republics, and the Anatolian parts being absorbed into the Russian Republic as a puppet government.
2033 Eurasian Union: The Russian Republic, Caucasian Federation, and the remnants of the Turkish State unite into the Eurasian Union. They are eventually joined by the Union of Turkestan in 2037.
2035 Fusion Power: A college experiment in the United States results in the first controlled use of nuclear fusion. the Van Kirk Fusion Reactor is completed by 2037 and nuclear fusion becomes a viable source of energy, spreading all over the world in less than a decade.
2035-2037 Eurasian Panic of 2035: Rising automation in the service and resource-extraction industries leads to layoffs in New Soviet Union.
2036 Eurasia sells land: The Eurasian Union sells its claims to the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin to Japan.
2039 AEDU Integration: The Treaty of Shanghai in 2039 greatly integrates the nations of the AEDU, effectively making it a single state.
2040 Eurasian Association: The death of Ekaterina Putina in February 2040 causes uprisings of multiple anti-government groups in the Eurasian Union. The government soon collapses and the Eurasian Association is formed.


2041 End of the Second Cold War: A summit between Eurasian Prime Minister Ryabkin Andreevich and American President Scott Miller in Algiers officially declares the Second Cold War to be over, and establishes good relations between the Eurasian Association and United States.
2042 Enyo Program: In December of 2042, the Enyo Program started with the establishment of Laputa Base on Phobos and Hall Base on Deimos. The two bases were meant to be the start of a program which would turn the Martian moons into waystations between Mars and Earth.
2042 First Manned Ceres Landing: Demeter-1 touches down at Occator Crater on Ceres. They would return in 2046 and 7 more Demeter missions would follow between 2042 and 2064.
2043 Antarctic Commonwealth: In the summer of 2043, the Antarctic Commonwealth is established by the United Nations. The Antarctic Commonwealth is devoted to preserving the continent of Antarctica and promote the peaceful and safe exploration & research of the landmass.
2043 Treaty of Paris Complete: 20 years after the signing of the Treaty of Paris, all signatory countries report that they are carbon-neutral, and some are reporting to be carbon-negative. The first major steps towards fixing the Earth are underway.
2044 Collapse of the Oceanic State: A declining economy, unrest against the government, and the recent collapse of the Eurasian Union cause the Assembly of the Oceanic State to order free elections in 2043. a coalition of various anti-government parties win the election, and subsequently dissolve the Oceanic State, creating the Oceanic Confederation.
2045 Second United Nations Charter: 100 years after the first charter, the world is a very different place. The 8 nations of the world convene in San Francisco to draft and sign the Second United Nations Charter, reforming the United Nations into a much more powerful organization.
2046 Carbon-Negative: For the first time in modern history, human civilization is carbon-negative. Taking Carbon Dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) out of the air and bringing down global temperatures back to pre-climate change levels.
2047 European Unification: The Treaty of Brussels is signed on November 1st, 2047, officially creating the European Federal Union. After 97 years, the last Great Unifier is added to the roster.


2050 Ares Concordat: On the 32nd anniversary of the Ares-1 landing, the UNSA, United Nations, and the 8 Great Unifiers sign the Ares Concordat, authorizing and committing the Terraforming of Mars.
2051 St. Petersburg Deal: The European Union offers 250 million Euros to the Eurasian Association for the transfer of border territories near Ukraine and Belarus, as well as the ownership of Pskov, Kola, and Karelia. In return, the Eurasian Association obtains Kaliningrad and its claims to the Donbass taken in 2026 are recognized. The deal is accepted and the territory is transferred on August 1st.
2052 Fusion Engines: Kouyaté Industries unveils the first successful nuclear fusion engine, the Tachi Drive. The plans to the drive are sold for billions of dollars worldwide and many new generations of ships start to become outfitted with fusion drives.
2052 Start of Martian Terraforming: The USS-Olympus arrives in Low Martian Orbit in September of 2052, onboard are 50 crew and 425,000kg of supplies meant to kick-start the terraforming of the planet. More and more freighters would arrive after every launch window and the terraforming process would begin to speed up.
2054 Oceanic Confederation joins the UN: After decades of being a geopolitical outcast, the Oceanic Confederation joins the United Nations, being the last sovereign state to do so.
2056 Climate Reversal Progress: The first bits of land flooded in the 2020s and 2030s starts to come above water again for the first time in almost three decades. Progress is being made on fixing Earth.
2057 Extinct Species Revival: The Carrier Pigeon is brought back to life by the Genesis Corporation, the first extinct species to ever be fully brought back to life.
2057 Growing Offworld Population: The population of Luna reaches 45 thousand and the population of the Earth Sphere reaches 10,000. Mars' population, meanwhile, is on the verge of crossing 9,000.
2059-2062 New Great Recession: Growing unemployment and falling prices due to automation in almost every industry causes the simultaneous crashes of both the New York and London Stock Exchanges, followed by Tokyo the next day, plunging the world into a New Great Recession. the New Recession results in the scaling back on existing automation and its growth in new industries, as well as programs to train the unemployed for new jobs both on Earth and offworld.


2063 Martian Life: An excavation in Chryse Planitia on Mars discovers the first concrete evidence for extinct Martian life, causing a massive global backlash for fear that there might still have been living organisms on Mars.
2063-2071 Fossil Crisis: An emergency meeting of the UNSA and United Nations General Assembly after the discovery of fossils on Mars, all colonization and terraforming efforts are halted immediately, and a comprehensive search of every environment on the planet for past or present life is called for. Colonization would resume in 2066, but the environmental survey would halt terraforming for several years.
2064 Sol's Ninth Planet: Tartarus, the ninth planet of the Sol System, is discovered by the UNSAs Deep Sight Space Telescope.
2066 Treaty of Sumatra: Relations warm up between the Oceanic Confederation and the AEDU when the OS agrees to sell the island of Sumatra and parts of Northern Borneo to the AEDU for the price of 250¥ million.
2067 Terraforming the Outback: The Oceanic Confederation begins work on the Julunggul Project, meant to turn the Australian Outback into grassland and savannah, as well as create an artificial lake in the Southeastern part of the region.
2067 Euphrates Exclusion Zone: Following the supposed discovery of a temple near Lake Assad in the Union of Arab Republics, the United Nations closes off the area indefinitely. Nobody really has any idea what's going on there..


2071 Martian Terraforming Resumed: After years of surveying almost every environment on Mars, terraforming resumes, although not unabated. 2072 Phobos Colonization: In order to further support the colonization and terraforming of Mars, Laputa Base on Phobos gets an overhaul and almost pentuples in capacity. The moon is cleared for civilian colonization, but not corporate use.
2075-2085 African Recession: In December of 2076, African President Franklin Dikabo is impeached on corruption charges. The companies involved in his corruption are put into financial ruin and collapse. This combined with rising automation and a rising amount of the younger generations moving offworld begin the African Recession. The Recession is seen to end with the rise of the African Federation.
2078 Deimos Colonization: Following a similar path to Phobos, Deimos' Hall Base receives its own expansion and is cleared for civilian colonization.


2080 Coup in the United African Republic: Late at night on December 1st, 2080, a group of representatives on the African Council oust the former president from office and gain leadership of the United African Republic. This is usually seen as the unofficial start of the African Federation.
2085 African Federation: On the 135th anniversary of the UAR's formation, the African Council declare the dissolution of the United African Republic and the subsequent formation of the African Federation.


2090 Australis: Australis, the new capital of the Oceanic Confederation, finishes construction and becomes the official capital of the country at Midnight on January 1st, 2090. The city, built on the banks of Lake Eyre, quickly becomes a powerhouse.
2094 Addis Ababa Earthquake: The capital city of the African Federation is struck by an 8.1-magnitude earthquake, leveling most of the city and killing 4400. The government is relocated to an emergency capital in Dar es Salaam and is expected to stay there until at least 2115.

22nd Century (2100-2199)




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