Oceanic Republic
Motto: "Advance, Oceania Fair"
Anthem: "God Defend Oceania"
Political Information
Capital: Australis, ACD
Government: Federal parliamentary
constitutional republic
President Joel Fowler (2107)
Vice President Setyo Gan (2107)
Legislature: Oceanic Congress
Upper House Senate
Lower House House of Representatives
Judiciary: Oceanic High Court
Established: January 1, 1999
(111 years ago)
Currency: Dollar (Ø) (OCD)
Cultural Information
Largest City: Makassar, SLW
Population: 447 million (2110)
Change +151 million (2060)
National Language: English
Regional Languages: Indonesian, Javanese, etc.
  • 39.8% Christianity
  • 16.6% Islam
  • 1.9% Buddhist
  • 5.4% Other
  • 36.3% Irreligious
Historical Information
Preceded by: Commonwealth of Oceania

The Oceanic Republic, also known as Oceania or the OR, is a nation comprised of 35 states and one federal district on Earth. The bulk of the country's land is located in Australia and the Indonesian archipelago, along with most of the southern Pacific ocean. The Oceanic Republic possesses one extraplanetary holding, the Bahloo Republic on Luna, and has extensive colonies at Elysium-Amazonia on Mars. With a population of 447 million, the Oceanic Republic is the least populous sovereign state, approximately 15 million behind the Eurasian Association. The capital of the Oceanic Republic is Australis, an artificial capital constructed in the Outback Steppe, while the largest city is Makassar, on the island of Sulawesi.


Commonwealth of Oceania

Republicanism & Reform

Great Interlude

Second Cold War

Conflict in Indonesia

Stabilization-Era Growth






Government & Politics


Political Parties

Administrative Subdivisions


States of the Oceanic Republic




Capital Preceding Entity
Adelaide ADE 12/8/2045 Adelaide From South Australia
Australis AUS 1/1/2100 Itself From Outback
Borneo BOR 8/19/2084 Pontianak Republic of Borneo
Bougainville BOU 11/23/2019 Buka From Solomons
Cape York CAP 4/11/2010 Cairns From Queensland
Carpentaria CAR 5/13/2021 Darwin Split from Northern Territory
Eyre EYR 1/1/1999 Kelly Province of South Australia
Fiji FIJ 1/1/1999 Suva Fiji Territory
Gascoyne GAS 7/8/2032 Port Hedland From West Australia
Goldfields-Esperance GES 4/9/2046 Esperance From West Australia
Java JAV 2/13/2090 Bandung Republic of Java
Kalimantan KAL 8/19/2084 Balikpapan Republic of Borneo
Kanaky KAN 9/17/2026 Noumea Republic of Kanaky
Kimberley KIM 7/8/2032 New Gibb From West Australia
Lingiari LIN 8/1/2050 Maiawali From Queensland
Micronesia MIC 12/1/2021 Palikir Micronesia Territory
Moluccas MOL 8/6/2060 Ternate Federation of the Moluccas
New Guinea NGU 1/1/1999 Port Moreseby Territory of New Guinea, Former Indonesian province of Papua
New South Wales NSW 1/1/1999 Coffs Harbour Province of New South Wales
New Zealand NZL 1/1/1999 Wellington Province of New Zealand
Outback OBK 5/13/2021 Alice Springs Split from Northern Territory
Perth PER 4/9/2046 Perth From West Australia
Polynesia POL 6/8/2029 Pape'ete Polynesia Territory, from France
Queensland QLD 1/1/1999 Brisbane Province of Queensland
Solomons SOL 1/1/1999 Honiara Solomon Islands Territory, from United Kingdom
Sulawesi SUL 8/6/2060 Makassar Federation of the Moluccas
Sunda SUN 8/6/2060 Denpasar Sunda Islands Federation
Sydney SYD 4/9/2046 Sydney From New South Wales
Tasmania TAS 1/1/1999 Hobart Province of Tasmania
Timor TIM 10/1/2048 Dili Timor Republic
Vanuatu VAN 9/13/2016 Port Vila Vanuatu Territory, from France and UK
Victoria VIC 1/1/1999 Melbourne Province of Victoria
West Australia WAS 1/1/1999 Mardu City Province of West Australia
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