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The true history of the New Soviet Union starts in 1991 when the original Union of Soviet Socialist Republics collapsed (along with the Warsaw Pact) with all fifteen individual republics becoming independent, sovereign countries. The collapse of the USSR also ended the Cold War between the USSR and the United States of America. This started a time of peace in Eurasia.

By 1995, many former republics of the USSR, along with countries of the Warsaw Pact, began joining alliances. Many states in Eastern Europe, including Poland, Czechoslovakia, The Baltic States, Romania, and Hungary, joined the European Union. This era of peace also ushering in a time of friendly relations between the Eastern and Western world. In 2000, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, and Russia created the North Pacific Cooperation Association (NPCA) to help each other in economic and defensive situations.

In 2001, Russia and other Central Asian Former Soviet Republics (FSRs) were some of the first groups to join the United States in the International War on Terror. During the Arabian Missile Crisis in 2015, where two crude nuclear warheads were launched towards Brussels and Washington DC, Russia was the one who shot down the Brussels-Bound missile and helped escort the nuclear bombers to the drop site in southern Iran. This established extremely friendly relations between the FSRs, The United States, and the European Union.

In 2020, the Second Russian Revolution started with almost 80% of Russian citizens wanting former president, Vladimir Putin, as a Tsar, permanently securing his power in Russia. This war raged for just over a year with victory for the revolutionaries. In 2022, Vladimir Putin was installed as the first Tsar of the Second Russian Empire. The installment of a new Tsar prompted many Central Asian FSRs to hold referendums on if they should join. Every referendum passed in favor of joining the Second Russian Empire. Shortly after the founding of the Second Russian Empire, many Central Asian FSRs and the Federation of the Caucasus joined the Second Russian Empire. After this, the Tsar changed the name of the Second Russian Empire to the New Soviet Union, but kept the Tsar in power instead of having a communist system.

New Soviet Union Flag

Flag of the New Soviet Union.

By 2023, many nations in south-eastern nations in Europe were eager to join the New Soviet Union. The eagerness to enter the NSU boiled over in mid-2023 when Southern Ukraine, Coastal parts of Bulgaria, and The Neo-Ottoman Empire all joined the New Soviet Union.

Today, the New Soviet Union is the Iron Heart of Earth. producing much of its mineral resources to be transported all over the solar system. Today, with great relations with the Asian Alliance, the United States of America, and the European Union. The Soviet Union is truly a nation worth learning about.

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