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Future of Humanity is an Alternate History and Alternate Future created by Dinotrakker and edited, expanded, and maintained by a multitude of others. The series first took shape with a couple of simple maps in January of 2017 and primarily maintained on DeviantArt. The Future of Humanity Wiki was created in September of 2017. The Wiki has been going under renovation since February of 2019 to serve as the primary repository of Future of Humanity information, while DeviantArt serves as the primary source of new material.

"The year is 2110. The 1900s and 2000s have been perhaps the most turbulent and challenging period of humanity's existence, but having finally come into its own, mankind has left its earthly barrows and reached out into the starlit sky, reaching out to a destiny beyond the fragile cradle of the Earth. Wielding technology on the level of Gods, mankind has spread throughout the inner solar system and now shapes entire worlds to their design. The once-dead Mars is rapidly becoming a new home for mankind, the feeble resources of our own planet outstripped by the plentiful resources of asteroids and comets. Even now there is much to do, much left to accomplish. The decisions made now will chart mankind's source for centuries to come, to rise beyond the pale blue dot and into the vast expanse of the universe."


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