An Extraplanetary Holding is an administrative region of a country that is not located on Earth. Extraplanetary holdings are usually fairly autonomous from their parent country, having their own elected government and functioning similar to an associated state. The term was first coined by American Congressman Edgar White, co-author of the Lunar Colonial Governance Act of 2027.

List of Extraplanetary Holdings by Body


Name Parent Establishment Capital
ApolloCom-Flag Apollo Commonwealth USA-Flag88 United States July 20, 2028 Eagle
Bahloo Republic OR-Flag Oceanic Republic August 1, 2035 Aitken City
Copernicus Republic EFU-Flag European Union January 27, 2030 Luton
Tsukuyomi Commonwealth AEDU-Flag AEDU April 30, 2032 Shunkai
Mashriq Republic of Janubii UMR-Flag UMR March 16, 2031 Ta'lab
Jutrobog Republic EA-Flag Eurasian Association May 9, 2030 Tsiolkovsky
Commonwealth of Iah AF-Flag African Federation September 4, 2036 Kumani
State of Coniraya USAN-Flag USAN February 17, 2039 San Dominic


Name Parent Establishment Capital
USTharsis-Flag United States of Tharsis USA-Flag88 United States July 4, 2105 Viking
Argyre-Flag Argyre Republic EFU-Flag European Union August 9, 2108 New Rome
Cydonia-Flag Mashriq Republic of Cydonia UMR-Flag UMR May 11, 2109 Red Dubai

Phobos and Deimos

UNPhobosDeimos-Flag United Nations Administration for the Martian Moons (UNAMM)
Phobos-Flag Republic of Phobos UN-FlagNew United Nations May 19, 2089 Laputa
Deimos-Flag Republic of Deimos UN-FlagNew United Nations May 19, 2089 Hall
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