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Earth, or Terra (as it will be called in this entire page) Is the homeworld of Humans. Earth is also the only known body in the universe as of 2131, to currently harbor native life. Terra is known as the birthplace of humankind and where they will begin to spread out among the stars.


Early Ages

In the Early Ages, Humanity was nothing but tribes of semi-intelligent apes that were just forming civilizations, and was set to be nothing but that for the rest of time. But, around 4000 BCE, precursor aliens known as the Adveni landed in Syria and gave humanity knowledge on how to progress and reach new technologies.

These new discoveries started a rapid advancement of technologies and spurred the rapid spread of civilization all over the world.

During the early CE years, Humanity was composed of feudal kingdoms after the collapse of the Roman Empire. This age of feudal kingdoms would exist until the mid 1800s.

Industrial Revolution

Around the 1850s CE, the discovery of steam-power started humanity off on an age of rapid technological advancement that lasted until the early 1900s. This era, called the Industrial Revolution, created important inventions, such as the telephone, internal combustion engine, and the airplane.

World Wars

Rapid technological advancement and growing tension in Europe started a large, global-scale war called World War One. This war was fought on two major sides. One side being the Central Powers of the German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. The other side was the Entente Powers, mainly consisting of the United States of America, the Russian Empire, France, and Great Britain. World War One ended with the loss of the Central Powers and the dissolution of their empires. Two decades later, in 1939, another bloodier war, called World War Two, started in Europe and the Pacific when a German dictator named Adolf Hitler declared war on Poland in attempt to restore the German Empire. Also, the Japanese Empire in the Pacific started a war in China and attempted to control the entire Pacific. This war lasted until 1945 and ended with the complete destruction of both Germany and Japan.

Europe and Night

Europe at Night, circa 2056 CE.

Age of Unification and the Second Industrial Revolution

[1]See Official Timeline

Starting in 1947, the Age of Unification is thought to be the start of a new era for humanity. This new age started in 1947 with the formation of the United African Republic and eventually the formation of the seven other 'Great Unifier' nations of the world. The Second Industrial Revolution started in 2050 and was called so due to the rapid technological enhancement humans experience with the discovery of the Euphrates Monument in the Middle East. This rapid technological advancement lasts until 2126.

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