Other Names: Terra, Sol III
Astronomical Information
Type: Temperate Terrestrial Planet
System: Sol
Position: 3rd
Moons: 1 (Luna)
Orbital Information
Orbital Period: 1 year (365.25 days)
Semimajor Axis: 1 AU
Periapsis: 1.01 AU
Apoapsis: 0.99 AU
Eccentricity: 0.01
Physical Information
Radius: 6371 km
Gravity: 1 g
Rotational Period: 23.93 hours
Axial Tilt: 23.43°
Age: 4.543 billion years
Average Temperature: 14.9 °C
Atmosphere Pressure: 1 atm
78% N2
20.9% O2
1.1% Trace
Exploration Information
Species: Humans
Population: 10.198 billion (2110)

Earth is the third planet in the Sol System and the home world of Humanity, as well as most known life in the universe. It Is the largest of the inner planets and fifth-largest planet overall, possessing a radius 370 kilometers more than Venus.

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