The United States of America, commonly known as the United States, America, or simply The USA, is a nation comprised of 85 states, one federal district, and multiple territories across Earth, Luna, and Mars. The core of the United States consists of a vast part of the North American continent. The capital is Washington DC, with the largest city by population being New York City, just to the northeast of the capital and the largest part of the BosWash Megalopolis that the two cities are apart of. With a population of 629 million people, the country is the fourth most populous nation on Earth, about 16 million less than the European Federal Union and 84 million more than the Union of Mashriq Republics. 74 of the country's 85 states are contiguous and located in North America, ranging from the states of Alaska and Yukon in the northwest near the arctic circle, all the way down to the states of Guatemala and Honduras in tropic Central America. The remaining 11 non-contiguous states vary in location from the frozen island of Greenland, to the sunny archipelago of Hawaii, to the tropical states in the Caribbean like Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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