The Bay of Pigs War was the result of growing tension between the United States and the socialist Republic of Cuba.


These tensions reached an all time high when during the Caribbean Economic Crisis of the Mid 2020s when the United States annexed many nations in the Bahamas and Antilles, except Cuba, who had remained relatively stable through the depression. On March 9th, 2026 CE, The Miami Attacks occurred all over the American state of Florida, which were sponsored by the Cuban government. These attacks included destructive riots, explosions, shootings and hostage-holdings all over the state. Once the state was returned to relative stability, the United States of America immediately declared war on the Republic of Cuba.

Following the declaration of war, Cuban forces began shelling Puerto Rico, the Florida Keys, and US-owned Jamaica. These bombings killed hundreds and are told to be the deadliest days of the war. Cuban forces also invaded US-owned Guantanamo Bay and entered a fierce battle with the American military forces stationed there, who had been holding a stalemate with the Cubans since the war began. This battle resulted in an American victory after almost five months of fierce fighting, but both sides suffered major losses. Cuban forces lost over 60,000 men and many ships were sunk, while the Americans lost 45,000 men and lost many naval ships, including the USS Iowa, which had been in service since World War II.

The American victory at Guantanamo Bay allowed for the American forces to accelerate the invasion of Cuba. American forces began spreading out and taking territory after the Battle of Guantanamo Bay. By March of 2027, American forces were halfway to the Cuban capital of Havana and were able to land troops on the shore of the Bay of Pigs. This prompted Cuban President Alejandro Castro to direct a direct bombardment of San Juan and Miami on June 5th, 2027. Both cities were devastated in the attacks, but Miami was less damaged because shells were able to be shot down. After these bombings, American forces began to push fastest and become more ruthless in their occupation.

On August 8th, 2027, the Battle of Havana began when American forces reach the outskirts of the capital. Fighting was brutal and forces engaged eachother in deadly urban combat. Fighting lasted for weeks, then on September 1st, 2027, Cuban President Alejandro Castro was assassinated by a Pro-American hitman. This destroyed the morale of Cuban forces fighting in Havana and by September 26th American forces were occupying Cuba's capitol. On September 30th, American President Johnathan White was flown to Cuba to participate In the signing of the Treaty of Havana. The Treaty required the full annexation of Cuba by the US, who's military would occupy the island until 2040 and afterwards would establish the State of Cuba.

State of Cuba

Flag of the US State of Cuba, circa 2041 CE.


United States of America

- 48,545 Soldiers

- 3,892 Civilians

Total: 52,437 Casualties


-80,542 Soldiers

-1,455 Civilians

Total: 81,997 Casualties

Grand Total: 134,434 Casualties

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