Aztlan War
Part of the Second Cold War, Stabilization Era
Date March, 2043 - April, 2058
(15 years, 1 month)
Location Southern United States
Causes - 2042 Independence Referendum
- Assassination of the Governor of Jalisco
- Integration of Latin America into the United States
Result - Increased Latino rights in the United States
- Increased tension between the USA and USAN
- Creation of the state of Chiapas
USA-Flag88 United States of America
USA-Flag88 Various militia groups
Various militia groups:

MRF-Flag Fourth Mexican Republic
LosRojos Los Rojos Front
Chiapas-Flag Chiapas Free State
Guatemala-Flag Guatemalan National Army
Yucatan-Flag Second Yucatan Republic

UN-FlagNew International volunteers

USA-Flag88 Carl Abbott (2043-2045)
USA-Flag88 Amelia White (2045-2053)
USA-Flag88 Joshua Harris (2053-2058)
MRF-Flag Xavier Alvarado
LosRojos Elio Rojas †
Chiapas-Flag Ramón Rabasa
Guatemala-Flag Baudilio Mencos
Yucatan-Flag Enrique Recio
USA-Flag88 1.6 million Federal troops
USA-Flag88 25,000 militia troops

Total: 1,625,000

MRF-Flag 250,000
LosRojos 180,000
Chiapas-Flag 22,000
Guatemala-Flag 120,000
Yucatan-Flag 10,000
UN-FlagNew 15,000

Total: 597,000

Casualties and losses
45,738 dead
256,911 wounded or captured

Total: 302,649

75,802 dead
102,985 wounded or captured

Total: 178,787

Civilian casualties: 80,000+

The Aztlan War is a term used for the long-running United States military operations in the southern half of the country, primarily against Mexican-operated civilian militias between 2042 and 2058.


Mexican Collapse


Mexican Assimilation

Aztlan Movement

Course of Events

Abbott Presidency (2042-2045)

White Presidency (2045-2053)

Harris Presidency (2053-2058)

Aftermath & Impact

Events in the United States

Panic of 2044

Latin America


In popular culture

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