Asian Economic and Defense Union
AA WorldMap
Motto: "Omnibus"
"For all"
Anthem: "Pax Asiatica"
"Peace in Asia"
Political Information
Capital: Shanghai, SCD
Government: Federal parliamentary
constitutional republic
President Jeon Sochun (2105)
Secretary-General Ishaan Kashyap (2105)
Legislature: Pan-Asian Congress
Upper House Federal Council
Lower House Representative Council
Judiciary: Supreme Court
of the AEDU
Established: August 6, 2059
(50 years ago)
Currency: Asian Ton (ŧ) (ATN)
Cultural Information
Largest City: Tokyo, NIP
Population: 3.37 billion (2110)
Change -360.7 million (2060)
National Language: English (in government)
Regional Languages: Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese,
Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese
  • 18.6% Hindu
  • 14% Buddhist
  • 6.4% Folk religions
  • 4.5% Islam
  • 4% Other
  • 52.5% Irreligious
Historical Information
Preceded by: AEDU (organization)

The Asian Economic and Defense Union, also called the Asian Alliance or the AEDU, is a sovereign state comprised of 21 constituent countries and one capital district. The country is located on Earth, mostly within East, Southeast, and South Asia. The AEDU has one extraplanetary holding, the Republic of Tsukuyomi, on Luna, and has an extensive colonial presence on Mars. With a population of around 3.4 billion, the AEDU is the second-most populous country on Earth, approximately 245 million behind the African Federation and 2.7 billion ahead of the European Federal Union. The capital of the AEDU is Shanghai, with functions as an independent subdivision directly administered by the AEDU Congress, and the largest city is Tokyo, also the largest on Earth.


Asia at the turn of the Millennium

A Changing Landscape











Government & Politics


Political Parties

Administrative Subdivisions

Constituent Countries

Constituent Countries of the Asian Economic and Defense Union


Official Name


Capital Preceding entity
Assam Republic of Assam ASA Guwahati Bharat Republic
Bengal Republic of Bengal BAN Rajshahi Bharat Republic
Bhutan Bhutan DGK Thimpu Bharat Republic
Brunei State of Brunei BRU Bandar Seri Begawan Malayan Federation
China United Chinese Republic ZHO Wuhan Chinese Second Republic
Dravidia United States of Dravidia DRA Hyderabad Bharat Republic
Hindustan Hindustan Federation HIN New Delhi Bharat Republic
Indochina Democratic Republic of Indochina IND Huế N/A
Japan State of Japan NIP Tokyo N/A
Kashmir State of Kashmir KAS Srinagar Bharat Republic
Korea Korean Union JOS Seoul N/A
Malaya State of Malaya MEL Singapore Malayan Federation
Manchuria Manchurian Republic MAN Harbin Chinese Second Republic
Mongolia Third Mongolian Republic MON Ulaanbataar Chinese Second Republic
Myanmar Union of Myanmar MYA Naypyitaw N/A
Nepal Federal Republic of Nepal NEP Kathmandu Bharat Republic
Philippines Republic of the Philippines PIL Manila N/A
Shanghai Shanghai Capital District SCD Itself Chinese Second Republic
Sumatra State of Sumatra SUM Medan Islamic Republic of Indonesia
Thailand Kingdom of Thailand THI Bangkok N/A
Tibet State of Tibet BOD Lhasa N/A
Uyghuristan Uyghur Republic UYG Ürümqi Chinese Second Republic
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