Argyre Republic
Motto: "Let the Silver and Water Flow"
Anthem: "Ode to Joy" (orchestral)
Political Information
Parent: EFU-Flag European Federal Union
Capital: New Rome, NI

Federal presidential republic

Viceroy: Freya Davin (2108)
Prime Minister: Alfred Sauer (2108)
Deputy Prime Minister: Enzo Castigilano (2108)
Legislature: Parliament
Upper House Senate
Lower House House of Representatives
Judiciary: High Court of the
Argyre Republic
Established: August 9, 2108 (2 years ago)
Currency: Euro (€) (EUR)
Cultural Information
Largest City: Uzboi City, UZ
Population: 900 thousand (2110)
Change +127 thousand (2100)
Regional Languages: English, German, French,
Polish, Spanish, Italian, etc.
  • 32.8% Christianity
  • 6.9% Muslim
  • 2.1% Jewish
  • 12.6% Other
  • 45.6% Irreligious

The Argyre Republic is an extraplanetary of the European Federal Union on Mars. Most of the country is located along Argyre Planitia and the Margaritifer Floodplains in Mars' southern hemisphere, although one exclave is located in Amenthes Planum, in Mars' northern hemisphere. The capital is New Rome, located along Arda Crater at the site of the first European colony on the planet, while the largest city is Uzboi City, located along its' namesake river valley. With a population of 900 thousand, Argyre is the least populated of the two established Martian Extraplanetary Holdings, approximately 150 thousand behind the United States of Tharsis and 100 thousand ahead of the Mashriq Republic of Cydonia.


Europe's history of Martian exploration stretches back to the first years of the 21st century. The European Union sent their first interplanetary mission, the Martian Express, in 2005. It was quickly followed up in 2009 with the EuroMars+ mission, which carried the EU's first surface rover to another planet, as well as set up the first Martian sample return in conjunction with the United States. During the Ares program, European citizens made up approximately 18.3% of astronauts on the ten Ares missions, three of which were on Ares 1. When the time came for permanent colonization, the European Union provided many of the logistical modules to Tharsistown, and in 2045 began work on its own civilian base, Schiaparelli Colony. 

After the signing of the Ares Concordat, which allowed for the mass-civilian colonization of Mars and the planet's terraforming, the European Union began in earnest to facilitate not just a series of small civilian colonies, but a large & cohesive unit. Passed in 2056, the Euromartian Governance Act stated that once a series of requirements were reached for the European Union's martian colonies (population, self-sufficiency, potential economic output), then the European Parliament had 10 years to transfer some administrative authority to the colonies for self-governance. After recovering from high unemployment and financial strife during the Martian Depression, The European colonies (which had by now begun to pick up the collective name of 'Argyre') exploded in population along with the rest of Mars. In 2094, all requirements set by the EMGA had been reached when Argyre's population surpassed 700,000. However political strife on Earth, along with increased caution in Martian affairs following the Fossil Crisis, delayed any action from the European government.

The events north of Argyre, in the American-born United States of Tharsis, forced the EU's hand. In 2105, an official referendum on Argyre's future resulted in 71.2% of the population voting in favor of a semi-independent Republic. THis forced the New Rome Conference in 2106, a meeting between local colonial authorities and members of the European federal government in order to create a functional system of governance for the colonies. After more than a year of discussion and negotiation, the Conference had agreed on a parliamentary system headed by both a Prime Minister and Colonial Viceroy, who would represent the European Union in the new Republic. After a final passed referendum to approve the constitution, the Argyre Republic was officially founded on August 9, 2108. The second and to-date last country to be founded on Mars.

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