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The African Federation is the political successor of the United African Republic, which lasted from 1947-2080. The Federation came into being when a successful, largely supported coup happening within the UAR's government, who was being largely inactive and not dealing with the UAR's increasing economic and political problems, which were growing larger and harder to deal with in the second half of the 21st century.

On December 1st, 2080, the coup went into action, replacing the UAR's president at the time, Adhama Iwu, peacefully and ousting or arresting many African legislature and judicial politicians. The coup was successful and the new, oligarchic government, lead by the 27 member 'Council of Africa.' The coup received very little resistance except a few armed riots in the capital, Addis Ababa, and a few other major cities all over the country. These riots were quickly and by the following week (December 8th) the social stability of the country was back to normal.

The Council of Africa spent no time fixing and reforming the country after coming into power. On December 10th, 2080, the Council of Africa split the 4 original provinces into 9, and also created 9 Federal City Districts, which aren't directly apart of any province, and are largely under their own jurisdiction.

The new African government also rapidly went to work fixing the country's economic deficits. The African Federation created the Indian Ocean Economic Association (ICEA) with the Oceanic Sovereignty and Asian Alliance on December 30th, 2080. It also increased its exports and attempted to minimize imports, in order to boost the countries economy and wealth.

The African Federation continues to work wholeheartedly with the other Great Unifiers and works to fulfill the goals of the previous government, including the continued funding of the Terraforming of Mars and continued cooperation through the Terra Pact.
African Federation

Flag of the African Federation, circa 2080 CE.

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